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For quick updates about current and upcoming projects,
please visit the blog at www.annieduffy.com/blog.

>> Upcoming Exhibitions

  • "Gallery Artists", Fetherston Gallery
    Dates: September 2011
    Location: Seattle, Washington
    Description: Exhibition of new work integrating linear imagery with cast paper forms.

  • "Around Here", Fairbanks Community Museum
    Dates: November 2011
    Location: Fairbanks, Alaska
    Description: Curator of invitational group show about Fairbanks, Alaska and sense of place.

>> Recent Awards

  • Arthur J. Schaible Cultural Enrichment Fund Award
    Awarded funding to guest curate, help prepare, and install the "Ascension: Exploring the Art of Denali" exhibition at the UA Museum of the North.

  • Connie Boochever Artist Fellowship Award
    The Alaska State Council on the Arts and the Alaska Arts and Culture Foundation created the Connie Boochever Fellowship to recognize emerging artists. The award is intended to support further development and growth in the grantee's artistic discipline.

  • Austin Cooley Talent Grant
    Awarded to outstanding graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in their fields of study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

  • Rasmuson Foundation Individual Artist Fellowship Award Recipient
    The Rasmuson Foundation created the Individual Artist Fellowship Award program to honor exceptional creative work as well as the merit and significance of a life dedicated to serious artistic exploration and growth. Fellowship award winners receive a grant to continue pursuing their creative work.
    Official fellowship award press release from the Rasmuson Foundation can be found at: